Exhibition in Brooklyn shows a film from Brazilian pianist Cândida inspired in Gismonti’s music


The New York Foundation for the Arts debut next Saturday 8th an exhibition with 20 artists from Immingrant Program, selected in 2014. Among them, we have a Brazilian representative, Candida musician, who releases the film / video clip “Memory and Fado” inspired by the music of Egberto Gismonti. The film was selected by curator Julian Howard to participate in the exhibition Archimedes’ Bathtub, an New York Foundation for the Arts event (NYFA). Since last year Candida is part of the Immigrant Artist program of NYFA.

The film was recorded at Villa Lobos Hall, in Rio de Janeiro, directed by Bernardo Neder, Guilherme Marques and the artist herself. Other films from Candida‘s career will also be displayed, such as Yema Samba video music, recorded in Salinas da Margarida (Bahia) and music O mapa da minha casa (The Map of My House), filmed on the north coast of São Paulo, sponsored by Rio de Janeiro’s State Culture Department.

ARQUIMEDES BATHTUB The name of the exhibition Archimedes ‘Bathtub, that after the release will continue until August 23, refers to’ the legend of the Greek inventor, to find the displacement principle of water while showering, I would have left naked by Syracuse, shouting “Eureka!” (‘found!’, in ancient Greek). The episode can be considered as a parable in which an individual can better observe their existence in the displacement of what surrounds it.

This metaphor was used to look out of New York and identify 22 artists among the participants of immigrant program. Besides Candida‘s video, other works make part of the exhibition: sculptures and drawings, installations, photographs, paintings and performances. The curatorship is signed by Julian Howard, educator and writer whose artistic bases are in Brooklyn, where he is the founder of Outlet Fine Art and director of the Associated Gallery.

TRIBUTE Egberto Gismonti, music composer Memory and Fado, is one of the best-known Brazilian musicians and most respected in the world. His music moves between the classical, jazz and Brazilian music with international influences. “This work of Egberto Gismonti is a gem, a selected part of his work. This version for piano solo was written by Gismonti in 2004, especially for my master’s recital, when I made a research about his work for UFRJ (Federal University of Rio de Janeiro)” explains Candida.

CAREER Candida is an Assistant Professor and researcher for Rio de Janeiro State federal University (UNIRIO). In recent years she has dedicated her time working as a singer and songwriter. Her EP Candida was greeted with excitement by the New York scene, contains a blend of electronic and acoustic sounds, a beautiful world music work. Candida, who began her career in classical landscape, promises new works in his performance as a pianist still for this year. In 2013, she won the Funarte Award for International Artist Residency who took her to New York, where she improves her researches on ​Performance and Innovations in Music Education.

Candida activities can be followed on the website www.candidaoficial.com.br and social networks.


Memory and Fado of Egberto Gismonti.
Piano: Candida Borges.
Creation: Candida Borges, Bernardo Neder and Guilherme Marques
Direction, Editing, Image Capture: Bernardo Neder
Shooting Assistance: Ronaldo Land
Capture and Audio Editing: Guilherme Marques
Rio de Janeiro, in 2013. Villa Lobos Hall.

Debut and music film exhibition “Memory and Fado” by Candida Borges
August 8th – 23rd
Lorimoto Gallery – Brooklyn, NY

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