Brazilian vocalist Cissa Paz releases self-titled debut album

Cissa Paz

Wildly popular in the greater Washington, D.C. area, Cissa Paz has earned devoted world music fans, performing in the States, Mexico, Puerto Rico and Brazil, where she was raised.

She sings beautifully in Portuguese and is fluent in the international languages of rhythm and groove. Her new album and CD release concerts offer a wonderful compendium of tunes from Portuguese speaking, African influenced countries Brazil, Cape Verde and Angola.

Paz amassed a strong international team on the disc. Featured artists include Nicolas Krassik on violin, Davi Vieira on vocals and percussion, and voices of the traditional Jongo group, Jongo da Serrinha. Also on the album are Patrick Ângello on 7-string guitar, Rodrigo Ferrera on Bass, Pedro Costa on Electric Guitar, Paulinho Criança on Drums, Anderson Vilmar producer is J.P. Silva, former music director for iconic Brazilian singer Elza Soares, plays seven-string guitar, Bandolin and Cavaco on the album.

1. Reza Cigana (Gypsy Prayer) 4:53
2. Rainha Ginga (Queen Ginga) 3:43
3. Cobrinha (Little Snake)* 3:50
4. Onda Mansa (Gentle Wave)* 5:58
5. Toro Brabo (Wild Bull)* 4:42
6. Saluba (Saluba)* 6:48
7. A Beira e o Mar (Shore and Sea) 3:16
8. Nila (Nila) 4:09
9. O Mundo Gira (The World Turns) 3:25
*suggested radio tracks

Upcoming Dates

Sept. 19
Hyattsville, MD
Hyattsville Arts Festival
3 PM

Sept. 20
New York
Subrosa 8 & 10 PM

CD Available from all major online outlets

Artist Website:

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