LUNAIRE: an evening of sound & poetry with Ensemble LPR!

An Evening of Sound & Poetry

Tuesday October 13, 2015 9pm
tickets $50

Ensemble LPR and Ricardo Romaneiro proudly announce LUNAIRE: An Evening of Sound and Poetry at the American Irish Historical Society.

Featured evening performance of Arnold Schoenberg’s Pierrot Lunaire, Op. 23 by a select group of musicians performing with Ensemble LPR, including: soprano Mellissa Hughes; Stephen Gosling, piano; Vasko Dukovski, clarinet; Catherine Gregory, flute; Pauline Kim Harris, violin/viola; and Rubin Kodheli, cello. Schoenberg’s Pierrot Lunaire is a visionary and experimental work, first performed in 1912, whose influence can still be strongly felt in chamber music across the globe.

On the program will be the world premiere of Ricardo Romaneiro’s Lamplighting, his latest work largely inspired by the theme and instrumentation of Pierrot Lunaire with mezzo soprano Naomi O’Connell, soprano Hannah Sumner, & narrator Tom Schubert.

Space is limited; reserve your tickets today!

On the Program:

Arnold Schoenberg: Pierrot Lunaire (1912)
Pierrot Lunaire is a melodrama (a genre in vogue at the end of the nineteenth century) that uses the setting of 21 selected poems from Otto Erich Hartleben’s German translation of Albert Giraud’s cycle of French poems of the same name. The narrator/soprano delivers the poems in the Sprechstimme style, a vocal techniques between singing and speaking. The work is atonal with expressionistic settings of the text, with their echoes of German cabaret.

Ricardo Romaneiro: Lamplighting (2015)
Lamplighting is a work for voice and ensemble by composer Ricardo Romaneiro with poetry by Christopher Cahill. Inspired by Pierrot Lunaire’s theme and orchestration (with added percussion and electronics), Lamplighting takes the listener on a journey of harmonic drones and counterpoint, expressing a fundamental connection made by the unconscious between feelings that are normally poles apart: life and death, pleasure and pain, ecstasy and melancholy.

Tuesday, October 13, 9pm
Tickets $50
reception music by special guest NoisioN

Ensemble LPR is an elite assemblage of the finest New York-based concert musicians, personifying Le Poisson Rouge’s commitment to aesthetic diversity and artistic excellence. There is no instrumentation too large or too small for the ensemble — ranging in size from duo to large orchestra — whose unyielding standard and rigorous devotion is to the music of the world’s finest living composers — established and emerging — as much as it is to the common practice period of classical music and collaborations with artists of non-classical backgrounds.

The setting for this performance is worth noting: American Irish Historical Society is a landmark building in New York City, beloved for its historically preserved turn-of-the-century stylized interior. On the location for the event, Ensemble LPR Artistic Director David Handler remarked “It is a privilege to bring Ensemble LPR to the American Irish Historical Society. The building’s exquisite and otherworldly charm make it the perfect place for a chamber concert, and the Society’s commitment to language and its countrymen’s gift for the written word make a vocal salon an ideal fit. Alongside Pierrot, the piece that defined this now classic instrumentation, the premiere of Lamplighting set to the music of my friend and colleague Ricardo Romaneiro with poetry by Christopher Cahill offers a new perspective, not only on the Pierrot ensemble but also its subject, the moon, on this moonless Autumn night.”

Space is limited; reserve your tickets today!

The American Irish Historical Society is a historical landmark located on Fifth Avenue on the Upper East Side, across from the Metropolitan Museum of Art, serves as a focal point for concerts, lectures, art exhibits, theatrical productions & special events. The Society hosts a wide array of events and artists who have included Patti Smith, Bono, Elvis Costello, as well as an ongoing chamber music concert series with The Juilliard School. The Society features a turn of the century historically preserved interior that offers an intimate experience and setting.

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